Hall Technique

Hall Technique

Hall Technique

Hall Technique


We offer the Hall Technique as an effective management option for primary molar teeth that have cavities.

There is good evidence, that if a cavity is effectively SEALED from the oral environment, the lesion does not progress. The Hall Technique is one method of achieving that SEAL for primary molar teeth.

The Hall Technique involves placement of a stainless steel crown without the use of local anesthetic or a drill.

What are stainless steel crowns?

  • Metal caps used to restore baby teeth that have large cavities

  • They are made of only safe metals

  • They cover the entire tooth and are easy to clean

  • Tend to last more than 4 years

  • Are the same size and shape as a baby tooth

What to expect on day of appointment?

  • No drilling needed

  • No Anesthetic used

  • The crown will be fitted on the tooth and your child will help place the crown by biting down on it.

  • There will be minimal to no discomfort.

Care Instructions after the appointment

  • Your child may find that biting feels unusual for the first few days.

  • They will also feel tightness around the gums, but this will go away quickly.

  • The gums may look blue around the crown; this is due to the color of the metal sitting under the gums.

  • Avoid any sticky foods, chewing gum or flossing the area for the first few days.

Long Term

  • The Hall Technique crown will be monitored at every 6 month recall appointment.

  • Continue to encourage good oral hygiene. Make sure your child brushes twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flosses daily.

  • The Hall Technique crown will fall out when the baby tooth falls out.

This treatment option may not suit every child, however an initial exam and radiographs can determine if this technique can be used to treat your child’s cavities.

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