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Icon Resin Infiltration- A Solution For White Spot Lesions

White Spots on teeth can be a concern for many patients. These white spots can be congenital, developmental; can occur after orthodontic treatment, or from fluorosis. A revolutionary resin infiltration system called Icon, offers a fast and simple solution for these white spot lesions.

What is Icon?
Icon resin infiltration is a minimally invasive restorative treatment that allows the resin material to penetrate demineralized enamel and fade the appearance of white spot lesions or hypo-calcified spots.

The Procedure

  • One visit

  • No anesthetic

  • No drilling

  • Plain pumice is used to clean the teeth

  • An etchant solution is placed on the white spot lesions and rinsed

  • Tooth is dried

  • Icon resin infiltrate material is placed onto the area and allowed to soak in

  • Excess material is removed

  • Material is light cured

  • Material added again, excess removed, and cured

  • Finish with polishing discs or burs

  • Temporary blanching of gums can occur in lesions close to the gum line

  • Total process takes approximately 45minutes to 1 hour *


  • Much less invasive and less expensive than the alternatives of fillings or veneers.

  • Can be done sooner than other cosmetic options like veneers, that you have to wait until growth is completed.

  • Untreated hypo spots often look worse after bleaching. Hypo spots treated with Icon will whiten similarly to the natural tooth enamel.

​​​​​​​Does it last?

Unlike whitening products, Icon resin infiltration is considered to be a long-term treatment solution. Research shows stability for at least 2 years.

*This is a treatment we offer to help fade the appearance of white spot lesions and hypo-calcified spots. We cannot guarantee the spot will disappear completely, but in most cases it provides a significant cosmetic improvement in one simple, painless visit.

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