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Behavior management is an important part of dental treatment for a child. Length and type of treatment can vary greatly from child to child, depending on their age, behavior, and type of treatment needed. If your child is anxious or fearful about seeing a dentist, then sedation dentistry may be the perfect solution.

At Hello Kids Dental Group we do our very best to recommend the appropriate behavior management solution for your child. We want you to feel comfortable, knowing that your children will benefit from our safe and effective sedation techniques if they are needed.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide also is known as “laughing gas” is a very safe, effective and simple sedation technique that can be used to alleviate your child’s anxiety during the dental procedure. Nitrous oxide/oxygen gas, which is a blend of oxygen, and nitrous gas is given through a small breathing mask that only covers the child’s nose. During treatment, the child will be relaxed and breathing on their own, Nitrous Oxide is fully reversible and there are no lasting effects.

IV Sedation

Our goal at Hello Kids Dental Group is to complete your child dental treatment safely and to provide a pleasant experience in doing so.

IV Sedation is recommended for the following patients:

  • Children who are apprehensive, high anxiety

  • Children with special needs

  • Young patients

  • Children who need extensive treatment

  • Children who are not good candidates for nitrous oxide

  • When other types of behavior management techniques are not successful

We work with a group of Anesthesiologists, who have extensive experience working on children in a dental setting.

We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding sedation techniques used at Hello Kids Dental Group.

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