Smart Technique

Smart Technique

Smart Technique

Smart Technique

SMART: Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique

What is it?
A technique that halts decay and seals the tooth using two products: Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and glass ionomer cement (GIC) restoration.

How does it work?

By placing SMART restoration you kill the bacteria and cut off the nutrient source for any remaining bacteria by placing a chemically sealed restoration that will arrest and remineralize the caries lesion.

The Procedure

  • 2 appointments

  • No drill or anesthetic used

  • SDF Placement on 1 st appointment

  • Wait 2-4 weeks between appointments

  • Place GIC restoration at 2 nd appointment

  • Avoid chewing hard foods for 48 hours

  • Evaluate restoration at 6 month recall appointment

​​​​​​​It is however possible to place SDF and immediately seal with glass ionomer cement on the same day, especially for those patients that are unable to return for subsequent dental treatment.

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